Mission Statement

The RDC Focus Group has the following major purposes:

  • To promote and facilitate the exchange of information related to planning, start-up, set-up and on-going support of RDC. This is accomplished by sharing tips, experiences, and ideas for implementing and using the RDC product. Our combined knowledge will help users find solutions to their issues.
  • To support the user community in gaining acceptance in the use of electronic means to capture data. By supporting each other in implementing RDC – we can ease the uncertainty / concern around electronic data capture.
  • To serve as a partner with Oracle in developing the RDC product. We will assist Oracle in evolving the product to meet business needs.
  • To facilitate the contact between RDC community and the Oracle Development team, reflecting the needs and concerns of this group. Other activities in this area include reporting bugs and workarounds, and collecting technical requirements for enhancement requests and bug fixes.
  • Work with the OHSUG community and leading suppliers to examine platforms or emerging technologies that interface or exchange data with RDC.

Targeted Membership

  • Data Managers
  • Business Leads (liaisons between technology and end users)
  • Site Coordinators
  • Monitors
  • IS/IT
  • Vendors
Member List