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How To Join



Criteria for membership, and the types of membership, are defined in the Bylaws. Membership dues are not refundable if cancelled.

Membership is open to the following companies and their employees on either a company or an individual basis.

  • Any company that has purchased, or is in the final stages of contract negotiations with Oracle to purchase, any product in Oracle’s Health Sciences suite.
  • Vendor companies that have purchased a license for one or more products in Oracle’s Health Sciences suite.
  • Vendor companies that Oracle has designated as strategic partners for its Health Sciences suite — which includes either a separate signed Confidential Disclosure Agreement or a confidentiality section in their strategic agreement — that covers Oracle’s Health Sciences suite.
  • Consultants currently performing work for a qualified OHSUG Member Company in good standing only if the OHSUG member company wishes to sponsor the consultant as part of their assignment. Sponsorship requires that the sponsor sign an OHSUG – provided form that places specific requirements on the sponsoring company. (see “Sponsored Consultant” section below)

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