The OHSUG is comprised of various Focus Groups in which most of the actual work is done. Each of the various Focus Groups (FG) concentrates on a particular functional area and/or subsystem and its usage.

The groups develop usage concepts, proposals for system enhancements, etc.

Any OHSUG member may participate in the Focus Groups. To join a particular FG, please go to Manage Profile and join the Focus Group.

Focus Group Chairs

Each FG generally has 2 co-chairs. FG Co-Chairs are elected for a 2-year term. The Roles & Responsibilities for FG Chairs are outlined in a document on the OHSUG Website.

Names and contact information of the various FG co-chairs are available on the respective Focus group Page of the OHSUG Website.

Meetings & Teleconferences

The FGs generally have regular teleconferences (most are monthly).

For a schedule of the regular meeting times of a particular FG, go to the Website and/or contact the co-chairs of that FG.

For Additional Information

Each FG has place for files on their page in the Website which contains: Teleconference agendas & minutes; Documents for Review; Tips-&-Tricks; etc.

Also, each FG has a Discussion Forum on the Website. Any OHSUG member can use this as an avenue for asking questions, reading and/or responding to a particular discussion, sharing information, or simply learning from the messages posted by others. Here you can read more about oracle health information exchange.

The Focus Groups

Here is the list of the current OHSUG Focus Groups.
Note: this information is subject to change. Always reference the OHSUG Website, or contact the current FG Co-Chair(s) for the most up-to-date information.

  • Administration & Configuration Management FG
  • Safety FG (Argus, AERS, ClinTrace, Empirica)
  • Clinical Trial Management System FG
  • External Data and Lab Subsystem FG
  • Life Sciences Data Hub FG
  • Metrics & Reporting FG
  • Remote Data Capture FG
  • TMS FG
  • Validation & Derivation Procedures FG