Mission Statement

The objectives of the External Data and Lab Subsystem Focus Group are:

  • To share concepts and work practices relating to the OC Lab Subsystem and to the loading and handling of electronic vendor data, while offering innovative solutions for handling laboratory data.
  • To expand the user community’s knowledge of utilizing the OC Lab Subsystem, along with providing insight into loading electronic clinical trial data into OC.
  • To explore best practices and develop strategies and efficient techniques for processing and reviewing laboratory data using NormLab2 / NormLab2 Plus and other methods and effectively utilizing the OC Discrepancy database.
  • To serve as a central point of contact between Oracle Clinical Laboratory and Electronic Data Handling Focus Group and the Oracle Development team, reflecting the needs and concerns of this group. Activities in this area include reporting bugs and workarounds, and collecting technical requirements for enhancement requests and bug fixes.

Targeted Membership

  • OC Laboratory Data Management
  • Individuals involved in loading or management of lab and / or electronic data
Member List

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