The Oracle Health Sciences User Group (OHSUG) is a global organization with the goal to facilitate the exchange of information among users of any products in the Oracle Health Sciences (OHS) suite, i.e.:


  • Oracle Clinical
  • Oracle Clinical Development Analytics
  • Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture
  • Oracle Health Sciences Central Coding
  • Oracle Health Sciences Central Designer
  • Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial Plan and Source
  • Oracle Health Sciences ClearTrial Track
  • Oracle Health Sciences Clintrial
  • Oracle Health Sciences Cloud
  • Oracle Health Sciences InForm GTM on Demand
  • Oracle Health Sciences IRT On Demand
  • Oracle Health Sciences LabPas
  • Oracle Health Sciences Mobile CRA
  • Oracle Health Sciences OutcomeLogix On Demand
  • Oracle Thesaurus Management System
  • Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System


  • Oracle Adverse Event Reporting System
  • Oracle Argus Analytics
  • Oracle Argus Safety
  • Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Signal
  • Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Study On Demand
  • Oracle Health Sciences Empirica Topics

Data Warehousing

  • Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics
  • Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub


Co-founded in 1995 by some of the first Oracle Clinical customers and Oracle Corporation, OHSUG is an independent organization that provides its own funding, organization, and bylaws. While not affiliated with Oracle, Oracle does maintain a very active presence with the OHSUG. OHSUG is the organization that provides input to Oracle for enhancing its pharmaceutical applications.

The OHSUG is comprised of various focus groups in which most of the actual work is done. Focus groups concentrate on particular areas of the system and its usage. The groups develop usage concepts, proposals for system enhancements, etc. Anyone who belongs to or works on behalf of an organization which is piloting or using Oracle Pharmaceutical Applications may participate in the focus groups.

The OHSUG is managed by an executive committee that includes representatives from a diverse selection of companies. The communication vehicles are scheduled teleconferences, electronic mail, face-to-face meetings, annual OHSUG meetings, a Member Only area, and a public access web site.