The OHSUG is comprised of various Focus Groups in which most of the actual work is done. Each of the various Focus Groups (FG) concentrates on a particular functional area and/or subsystem and its usage.

The groups develop usage concepts, proposals for system enhancements, etc.

Any OHSUG member may participate in the Focus Groups. To join a particular FG, please go to Manage Profile and join the Focus Group.

Focus Group Chairs

Each FG generally has 2 co-chairs. FG Co-Chairs are elected for a 2-year term. The Roles & Responsibilities for FG Chairs are outlined in a document on the OHSUG Website.

Names and contact information of the various FG co-chairs are available on the respective Focus group Page of the OHSUG Website.

Meetings & Teleconferences

The FGs generally have regular teleconferences (most are monthly).

For a schedule of the regular meeting times of a particular FG, go to the Website and/or contact the co-chairs of that FG.

For Additional Information

Each FG has place for files on their page in the Website which contains: Teleconference agendas & minutes; Documents for Review; Tips-&-Tricks; etc.

Also, each FG has a Discussion Forum on the Website. Any OHSUG member can use this as an avenue for asking questions, reading and/or responding to a particular discussion, sharing information, or simply learning from the messages posted by others.

The Focus Groups

Here is the list of the current OHSUG Focus Groups.
Note: this information is subject to change. Always reference the OHSUG Website, or contact the current FG Co-Chair(s) for the most up-to-date information.

  • Administration & Configuration Management FG
  • Safety FG (Argus, AERS, ClinTrace, Empirica)
  • Clinical Trial Management System FG
  • External Data and Lab Subsystem FG
  • Life Sciences Data Hub FG
  • Metrics & Reporting FG
  • Remote Data Capture FG
  • TMS FG
  • Validation & Derivation Procedures FG